Are you sure you want to be Dugg?

Digg is a massively popular website that is based on a simple concept;

1) Find a cool story/video/picture

2) Digg it to let everyone else in the world know about it.

It’s simple, and a great way of finding all the news you could possibly want in one place. So there aren’t any downsides. Right?

Well the plan is straightforward enough, and the execution is perfect, but what the creators seemed to have wandered by is that each site that is ‘Dugg’ instantly gets more viewers. Now, to geeks, this is called network traffic, and for the majority of the time is no issue, but when a story starts to hit 300-400 Diggs, we can get problems. If a story from a small website becomes popular, the server gets too much traffic, and either can’t load the page, or exceeds its monthly bandwidth limit, effectively shutting down the site!

For example, whilst writing this post, i have had a page (from Digg) loading for 10 minutes, and i know it wouldn’t take that long on a 56Kbps modem. (The page in question has 107 Diggs, but remember, not everyone who goes there will Digg it, so the actual viewer number could be much, much higher).

So, if you are considering putting that hilarious clip or picture up on your website, remember that if someone finds it and Diggs it, it could spell the end of happy browsing on your site. But then again, its great to be noticed on the web…


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