Chat on Facebook – Trouble for business?

Social networking site Facebook has started rolling out an instant chat feature to certain groups within their site (mainly US colleges).Facebook

However, this is due to be available to the entire Facebook community very soon.

How does this affect a business? Well, until now many companies have tolerated use of the Facebook site (and other social networking sites) from within their organisation, as they figured that users may check the site infrequently throughout the day. However the introduction of a chat client changes that; users will now ‘have’ to be online (i.e keep the site’s page open in a browser) in order view real-time messages. This increases the¬†likelihood¬†of distraction away from legitimate work.

Company bosses will have some harsh decisions to make soon, as unmonitored this could lead to a significant drain on company resources.

Our advice for companies concerned about this issue would be to ensure that firstly they have an Acceptable Usage Policy in place for all employees, and secondly that a content blocking system is installed if necessary (Open DNS provide a free utility to achieve this).

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