The 9 Inch EeePC

The highly anticipated Asus 9 Inch Eee PC finally has a release date, and its next wednesday! 

Yes, on April 9th Asus will release the new 9 Inch Eee PC, an update to the 7 Inch model that has proved so popular.

The internals will be the same as the original; 900MHz processor, 512 MB Ram, and the option between a 2GB or 4GB flash drive, so its obviously not a media power house, but if you need a little computer solution, for basic web, word processing and e-mail, this is for you. And dont forget, the 9 Inch Eee has the option of coming pre-installed with Windows XP, so you dont need to worry about not knowing what Linux is.

At just £200, this is a great deal that is hard to miss.


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