Email scams aimed at UK users

McAfeeAnti-virus and Internet security experts McAfee recently conducted an interesting experiment concerning spam email. They requested volunteers from around the world to set up an email mailbox for one month, specifically to attract spam and junk emails, in order to analyse the results.

As you would expect, very soon the mailboxes became flooded with a wide variety of spam emails, with one UK volunteer receiving 5,414 junk messages over the course of the 30 days.

After analysis, the study showed an interesting statistic; the UK was the country to receive the most ‘Nigerian bank transfer’ scams, where typically the sender purports to be an African individual of high net worth who requires a UK resident to provide their bank details.

McAfee’s security analyst Greg Day claims the reason the UK is still targeted by this infamous con is that “the obvious reality is it’s still predominantly going out in the English language,” adding that “maybe the US is a little more used to them and so aren’t being targeted as much.”

The UK also ranked number 2, behind the US, in the list of countries to receive adult-content pornographic emails.

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