Encrypt your laptop or thumb drive

If you carry a laptop or a USB thumb drive with you, are you comfortable in the knowledge that your data is freely readable by anyone if you lose it? That’s the question you need to address regarding data security on your portable devices. The UK government has been criticised recently for losing equipment with senstive data regarding tax details of millions of citizens, with no form of protection in case of lose.

An affordable solution to this problem is now available from the PGP Corporation in the form of their ‘Whole Disk Encryption‘ product. Available for both PC and Mac for around £95, the product essentially ‘scrambles’ the entire contents of your disk and makes it unreadable to anyone without the correct pass-phrase. This works by integrating with the system before it allows the software on the disk to run, thereby eliminating the potential for anyone to reset your logon password and gain entry (a simple procedure for anyone with an additional boot disk).

The product works on most forms of USB hard drives and all forms of laptops, including virtual operating systems. Currently available for download with a perpetual licence at:




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