‘Downadup Worm’ Continues to spread

Discovered as a potential threat to Windows security back in October 2008, the worm known as ‘Downadup’ is continuing its increase in infections. Although a patch was released last year, the MS08-067 Security Update, security analysts believe that the infection may still occur if users passwords are insecure and likely to be on the list of thousands that the worm tries in sequence.

Windows users should :

A) Ensure their PC is set to automatically update using Windows Update.

B) Ensure their password is secure i.e. not a short, everyday dictionary word or common passwords such as ‘password’ ‘123’ or ‘qwerty’

C) Check that their anti-virus software has been updated within the past few days.

D) Treat with caution any devices from other sources such as USB thumb drives.

If you require any additional information or any assistance in securing your system, please let us know.

The full story of ‘Downadup’ can be found here.

Updated BBC news story here – 21 January 2009.


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