ActiveSync Problem for iPhone 4

Apple recently released the iPhone4 and the renamed iPhone operating system – iOS4 – for the older handsets. An issue has been detected in the new iPhone operating system that is adversely impacting users of Exchange 2007 email.


Exchange users who use an iPhone4 or upgraded an older iPhone to iOS4 are experiencing difficulties syncing their contacts, mail, and calendar via ActiveSync. Additionally, iOS4 is creating significant artificial load on Exchange servers, resulting in performance slowdowns for users on other devices and mail clients.
iPhone users who use the iPhone4 or upgraded to iOS4 are recommended to install a related Apple configuration patch on their iPhone. The patch, along with installation directions, can be found here:


This patch does not relate to users of non-Exchange email systems such as POP or IMAP. If you are unsure which system you are using, please contact us.

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