New release option in spam manager emails

Users of our RealWorld spam filtering service will now be able to release quarantined messages directly from the digest email. Simply choosing the Release option in the email will allow the quarantined item to be delivered to your mailbox. As usual all quarantined items will be deleted after 14 days if they are not released. This update does not affect those users who use the block feature rather than quarantining.

Top Five Email Anti Spam Tips:
  1. Don’t click any links in spam, even unsubscribe – web addresses of links and reply or remove options contained with a spam email are often disguised and serve to establish a direct channel between your computer and spammers.
  2. Check the checkboxes – when you’re purchasing or joining online, opt out of third party contact and prevent your email address from being passed on.
  3. No pictures, please – downloading images, even to the preview panel, in spam can identify you as a recipient so view emails in text only or set email security to block external images.
  4. Don’t post your primary email address on the web – email addresses used anywhere on the web are at immediate risk of being used by spammers.
  5. Be unusual – spammers use directories of common names to guess email addresses, so unusual email addresses or those with numbers in them will reduce spam.

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