Businesses increasingly blocking access to Facebook

Does your business suffer from loss of productivity due to wasted staff time on social networking? Your company may benefit from blocking specific websites.

Social networking websites remain the most frequently blocked sites according to the latest report from OpenDNS. The website filtering and Internet address book (DNS) provider produces regular reports based on its blacklists.

The most commonly blacklisted website according to the latest OpenDNS statistics is Facebook with MySpace in second place. Businesses need to also balance the necessity to provide genuine work related access to certain sites with the estimated time wasted during work hours. OpenDNS provide a range of solutions to enable white and black listing from the basic free service up to the enterprise package that features administrative bypass facilities.

Other benefits provided by using services such as OpenDNS include website traffic logging, phishing protection and malware-botnet protection.

Most commonly restricted websites:

  1. — 23%
  2. — 13%
  3. — 11.9%
  4. — 5.7%
  5. — 4.2%
  6. — 2.1%
  7. — 2.1%
  8. — 1.8%
  9. — 1.6%
  10. — 1.6%

Please contact us if you are interested in implementing a plan for website access within your business.


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