Get ready for iOS6

Today sees the public availability of the latest Apple mobile operating system, iOS6.

To be fully prepared for the update here are some tips:

Backup your phone!
Hopefully your upgrade will go without a hitch, however it is not unheard of for installations to fail or worse still to cause data lose.

To make sure you are backed up before the upgrade you should either;

  • Connect your device via USB to a computer with the latest version of iTunes installed
  • Select your iOS device in iTunes under Devices
  • Right-click (or Control-click) the device and select Back Up


  • Use the backup feature from iCloud
  • From your device select Settings – iCloud – Storage & Backup – Back Up Now

Once backed you can up you can take advangate of the new ‘Over the air’ update feature; this allows you to update the iOS system from your device without needing to download and update via iTunes. To do this from the device, go to Settings – General – Software Update.

Amongst the host of new features in iOS6 are:

  • Siri now available on new iPad and iPod Touch (5th Gen)
  • International Siri searches
  • Apple Maps
  • Turn by turn navigation
  • Improved Mail app
  • New unified app store
  • Updates available without password
  • Improved iTunes app
  • Dedicated Podcasts app
  • Improved Safari app
  • Safari tabs sync across devices
  • Fullscreen Safari view
  • Offline reading lists
  • FaceTime available over 3G
  • Reply to incoming call with a text message
  • New Reminders app
  • Camera Panorama feature
  • Shared Photo streams
  • Facebook integration built in
  • New privacy settings incl. Do Not Disturb
  • iMessage unifies phone and email contact details

Some features are not available on all devices and some features are country specific.

  • Offline Reading List will be available on iPhone 4 or iPad 2 onwards
  • YouTube built-in functinality has been removed on all devices, Google’s new app can be downloaded┬ánow
  • Siri will be available only on iPhone 4S and iPad (3rd gen)
  • FaceTime over a phone network requires iPhone 4S or iPad (3rd gen)
  • Flyover and turn by turn navigation will be available only on iPhone 4S or iPad 2 onwards

If you require any further assistance feel free to contact us.


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