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Apple have today released the highly anticipated software update for their iPhones and iPads, iOS 7. Available either through iTunes or OTA (Over the Air i.e. wirelessly) it is a radical change both behind the scenes and also in the look and feel of the system.

Whilst we recommend that anyone with a device capable of installing this latest version go ahead and update, there may be a few things to bear in mind before doing so. Firstly here are the devices that will be capable of running iOS 7 :

  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S (without features – AirDrop & Filters in Camera App)
  • iPhone 4 (without features as above and additionally without Panoramic photos & Siri)
  • iPad 4th Generation
  • iPad 3rd Generation (without features –¬†AirDrop, Panoramic photos & Filters in Camera App)
  • iPad 2 (without features as above and additionally without Square photos and videos & Siri)
  • iPad Mini
  • iPod Touch 5th Generation

Once you have confirmed your device is eligible for the update, plan a suitable time to do the update process; for instance, do not attempt it just as you are leaving for a trip where you may need your phone to access travel information or tickets. Also we would recommend not attempting the update when you are out of WiFi signal, make sure you have a good Internet connection via WiFi either at home or the office.


We can not stress this enough, backup your phone/tablet before starting this upgrade process. It is quite straightforward to backup to iTunes; just connect your device to the computer with iTunes installed and right-click on the device and choose Backup. (You may need to update your iTunes software first if this has not been updated recently).


A separate tip – Choose to Encrypt your iTunes backup and this will additionally save you from having to enter your account passwords when you restore.

Update your Apps

Many favourite apps on your device will not work after you update to iOS 7 if you have not updated them to their iOS 7 compatible version. Simply go to the App Store on your device and choose Updates and install them all from there.

When ready to start the update process you can choose to do this from iTunes or directly on the device.


You will be asked to agree to the Apple terms and conditions and after agreeing your download will begin. At over 700MB this could take some time on your WiFi connection so be patient at this point. You will receive a notification when it is ready to install.

Once installed and rebooted, you will be welcomed by a totally revamped look to your device.

2013-09-18 16.09.37

One of the most useful features from the lock screen (and in apps too if you want) is the ability to quickly access settings such as Bluetooth and Brightness. To access this swipe from the very bottom of the screen:

2013-09-18 16.09.42

At the other end of the screen you can access the new notification centre by swiping down from the very top of the screen:

2013-09-18 16.11.01

Once unlocked you will find the icons of most apps changed, here is a side by side comparison between the old and new versions:


Groups of icons now appear in a group icon that zooms to the forefront and can have multiple pages within the group:

2013-09-18 16.10.37

One of the common features that is radically different in iOS 7 is the Search page. Previously you accessed this by swiping to the far left of your device, now you have to swipe down on the home screen from anywhere but the very top (otherwise you activate the Notification Centre accidentally).

2013-09-18 16.11.11

Closing apps is also a different process and not immediately obvious. Double click the Home button as you would previously but now rather than being presented with a No Entry sign on the apps, you will see a thumbnail version in the middle of the screen:

2013-09-18 16.15.37

You now have to drag the app upwards out of the group and that will close the app:

2013-09-18 16.15.50

The Internet browser Safari also has a similar new ‘carousel’ feature which you can use to access, remove or add new tabs when browsing:

2013-09-18 16.13.39

Email has received a significant revamp in the looks department as well as introducing some new features. You can now ‘Edit’ the list of folders in your email app and even choose the sort order and add links to your popular folders. The Unread Items folder is also very handy.

2013-09-18 16.14.57

Deleting a message is similar although visually different, swipe the message from the right and choose Trash:

2013-09-18 16.32.33

The music app also has had a makeover and the Genius feature can be accessed from the icon resembling an atom:

2013-09-18 16.29.28

A much requested feature for iOS devices is that of having apps automatically update themselves; this is now possible in iOS &. To activate it go to Settings – iTunes & App Store and switch on Updates in Automatic Downloads:

2013-09-18 16.19.36

You will also find there some settings to tweak which apps can appear in the notification centre:

2013-09-18 16.17.22

iOS 7 is the most significant change to the iOS platform since the first iPhone in 2007. After using it for a few days you should find it more familiar to you and hopefully you will benefit from the new features.

Please contact us if you have any questions about iOS 7 or your ‘i’Devices.


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