Microsoft addresses recently discovered vulnerability

Microsoft has released software patches for the ‘zero-day’ exploit targeted at their Word program. The flaw discovered in many versions of Microsoft Word for Windows could allow malicious software to be installed, according to cybersecurity researchers. On 10th April, cybersecurity firm Proofpoint announced it had discovered an email campaign targeting the bug that aimed to distribute Dridex malware. Dridex is designed to infect a victim’s... [Read More...]

Manage your online passwords

If you like most of us you have many different online passwords to remember, you should try a password manager app. Not only does this help create an easy way to look up your passwords it also allows you to use a different password for each website, an important step in your online security. Our favourite 1Password by Agilebits is available for a very limited time for free. Visit the App store and claim your free copy Everything in your 1Password... [Read More...]

New domains available soon

If you would like to order a new domain name, there over 75 new domain extensions to choose from this year. Here is a guide to the launch dates of these new extensions: (Click for full list) If you would like to register any domain, perhaps you could use for instance, then email us at to pre-register your interest. RealWorld can easily migrate your existing email addresses over to your new domain and keep your... [Read More...]

Fake SRA email targeting solicitors

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has issued a warning about a scam email currently aimed at solicitors in the UK. An email arrives in a user’s Inbox with the subject line “Important update from the SRA regarding your law practice” and purports to be from a random email address. Please note the correct domain name for the SRA is   ———————————— Example... [Read More...]

How to avoid Cryptolocker virus encrypting your files

Recent news reports by the BBC and Sky have detailed the increase in detections of the Cryptolocker virus and warned of the severity of this potential threat. What is Crytolocker? It is a Trojan, a non self-replicating virus that needs to be delivered by email, infected link or infected code within a web page (often a fake FedEx and UPS tracking notice). What does it do? If activated on the target machine, Cryptolocker finds and encrypts any files... [Read More...]

Remote Backup

Securely Backup Your Data RealWorld offer secure, automated remote backup services for both desktops and servers. We install our simple backup software on your machine, we take care of the rest – secure backups everyday. Desktop Licenses: £3.95 + £0.50/GB per month Server Licenses: £6.95 + £0.50/GB per month To get your data securely backed up off-site, contact us here  Read More →

New website for Redloh House Fabrics

We are pleased to launch today a new website for London based Redloh House Fabrics. Built with the free WordPress content management system, the site allows Redloh House to showcase their work and the facility to update and add new designs/news. Visit the Redloh House Fabrics site here  Read More →

Spivack Commercial Website Design

London and New York based commercial property agency Spivack Commercial tasked us with a website and branding project. Themes were taken from the existing brand recognition and updated. WordPress was implemented as the CMS to allow easy maintenance and to utilise mailing lists via registration plugins.     Read More →

Should I be worried if my LinkedIn account has been hacked?

The answer to this question depends on another important question; do I use the same password on any other websites? If the answer to this second question is Yes, then you should seriously consider logging into any other sites that you have used that same password for and changing it there to something not related or a variant (i.e. do not simply add 1 to the end). As well as changing the account password for LinkedIn now that this has been compromised... [Read More...]

Britain’s biggest complainer

RealWorld are pleased to launch the website of The Complainer! Jasper Griegson has been the Official Complainer for The Sun, The Daily Express, London Newstalk Radio and a variety of magazines including The National Enquirer and Realm. He has also made a number of television appearances including a regular feature on ITV’s The Richard Hammond Show, BBC 1’s That’s Britain and Channel 5’s Espresso. Jasper’s new website... [Read More...]

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