Drobo just got even faster

DroboData Robotics Inc. today announced the 2nd generation model of the advanced storage device, Drobo. The new model now features Firewire 800 and USB 2.0 connectivity for faster data transfer speeds.

Drobo offers a level of redundancy previously not available to smaller organisations, by utilising its own ‘BeyondRaid’ technology. Upto 4 physical hard drives are loaded into the Drobo and the on-board processor assigns approximately 1/4 of the available space to a ‘protected area’. The remaining space, currently a maximum of 2.7GB, is useable for storage (calculate storage variations here). The data stored is then handled by Drobo and consistently copied across the 4 drives. The upshot of this is that if any hard drive has an error or fails, it can be replaced on the fly, with no disruption or loss of data.

Another improvement over the first incarnation model is a reduction in operating noise, a common complaint from current users.

Full details available from Drobo


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