iPhone 2.0 goes live

After a frustrating week for existing iPhone owners, the 3G iPhone, complete with the version 2.0 software, has launched.

Technical issues at O2 and Carphone Warehouse stores on launch day resulted in a reversal of the original plan for all iPhones to be activated in-store. Instead customers details where taken down by hand and customers were told to activate themselves at home. The Apple system coped with most activation requests, with only a handful of instances of activation failures being reported.
Apart from the well published additions to the iPhone in version 2.0, such as 3G data speeds and the App store (which allows you to download games, programs and utilities previously only available to unlocked models), the major development is the introduction of Exchange support.
Microsoft Exchange powers a large segment of the business community and until 2.0, connectivity to Exchange (in a seamless manner), has only been available to Blackberry users.
RealWorld have been testing the Exchange functionality and can confirm its stability, speed and ease of setup are excellent. However, there are a few minor points to mention to any Exchange based users considering the iPhone:
  • Personal or business phone? – A feature which has not been covered in previous press announcements is that both the contacts and calendars folders fully synchronise. A useful feature if you have your personal phone numbers stored in your work address book. However, when you first connect your iPhone to the Exchange environment, it will prompt you that personal details will be removed i.e. any numbers you have stored in the contacts folder on the phone will be removed. This will be a slight annoyance, but one which can be overcome by adding personal contacts to your work address book under the category ‘Personal’.
  • Nod to Blackberry – By default, emails have a footer inserted into them with the words ‘Sent from my iPhone’. Business users will spot the reference to the same wording from Blackberry devices.
  • Where’s my info? – Also by default, only the past 3 days of data is synchronised, so you may be wondering where your emails older than 3 days are. This can be changed in the System Preferences section of the phone to either 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month or No limit i.e. everything (bear in mind the 8/16GB limit for storing local copies of data).
The new iPhone also fully supports our hosted Exchange 2007 service, available here, and also our anti-spam service available here.

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