Snow Leopard – To upgrade or not upgrade?

Apple have released the latest version of their operation system, Snow Leopard. Arriving ahead of the expected mid-September date, the 10.6 version of the UNIX based operating system has now been put through its paces.

Featuring a newly rewritten Finder, using the Cocoa technology, that takes advantage of 64-bit support, the comparable system running Snow Leopard as opposed to Leopard responds faster to Finder requests. There are a number of other refinements that are minor but add to create a more stable and responsive system.

Apart from the slight performance boost after upgrading to Snow Leopard, the key implementation has been support for the Microsoft Exchange email system natively in the Apple Mail application. Although it is only compatible with the current Exchange 2007 system (as provided via our own Hosted Exchange service) its setup and ease of use are as good as we have seen, including any Microsoft application. If you use Exchange in your corporate environment or would like to start using it, Snow Leopard is worth the £25 upgrade price for this feature.

Upgrading is probably not necessary for most other users, unless they were planning a fresh installation soon – something we recommend every year or two to keep your system running as smoothly as possible.

If you do decide to upgrade, we recommend checking your existing applications against the list of known problems that have been documented here. Also remember to check that your system runs on the Intel not PowerPC (you can check this in the Apple – About This Mac section) as only Intel Macs can be upgraded to Snow Leopard.


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