Microsoft will not be emailing you

This email, which seems to have been sent by the Microsoft Support team, informs you that a new security update for Outlook/Outlook Express has been released. It’s a critical update, so it’s better to install it as soon as possible.
It also gives some details about the update and instructions on how to install it.
The security patch is attached to the email in a zip file, but if you run it, the Trojan detected as Bredolab.Y will be installed in your computer. At the same time, this will download the rogue antivirus known as SecurityTool.
Just several days ago we informed you about another Bredolab circulating disguised as an ecard. So, be careful with the emails you receive in your inbox as they can contain malware.

A fake email has been arriving in the inboxes of thousands of UK users purporting to be from ‘Microsoft Support’.

Microsoft do not provide software updates via email.

All updates should be run through your Software Update feature built into the Windows operating system.

In this case, the alleged critical update attached to the email is actually a .zip file containing the Bredolab.Y trojan (the fake tool SecurityTool may also be installed).

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