3G iPhone nearly definite?

ATTDid the CEO of AT&T Mobility, Ralph de la Vega, proverbially spill the beans on the 3G iPhone?

He is reported as saying at an event yesterday that all of AT&T’s smartphones will be 3G in the next few months, and on questioning he is quoted as saying;

 “Let me repeat what I said: I think that you’re going to see our integrated devices be 3G devices in the not-too-distant future, and I mean months. That should be clear enough.”

Although this isn’t confirmation, its as close as we will probably get before iDay (the WWDC, starts June 9th). So it’s time to celebrate! (and start saving for a new phone…)

Also, does this mean the 3G iPhone will hit the UK after the compulsory 5 month wait? Or will the fact that the UK already has 3G set up and working mean that we will get it straight away? Doubtful, but one everyone can hope.


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