iPhone 4.1 Security Flaw

Users of iPhone 4.1 software should be aware of a flaw which allows anyone to access your contacts, recent calls, voicemails. The security hole allows access to the phone application even if you have locked the phone with a PIN. The process is as simple as typing ### in the Emergency call screen and immediatley hitting the lock button. This loads the telephone application without requiring the unlock code. iPhone 4.1 users are advised to be aware... [Read More...]

Apple’s Free iPhone Case Program Ending 30th September

Apple have announced that the iPhone 4 Case Program is to end on September 30th 2010. If you have an iPhone 4 and are affected by the poor signal strength problems reported recently, you can choose a case for your phone and it will be shipped free of charge to you. Due to the unique design of the iPhone 4 – the antenna is situated on the outside – without a case you may find your signal affected by your hand covering the antenna during... [Read More...]

Dropbox Goes Mobile

Dropbox has quickly gained a reputation of being THE synchronisation and backup tool for both Mac and PC. It offers simple and fast cross-platform file sharing and has now added an iPhone application to its armoury. Featuring the ability to view or listen to any file type that is supported by the iPhone i.e. Documents, Images, Video and Audio, it can be used in either on or off-line mode. Sending links to files stored within your Dropbox is also included... [Read More...]

Spotify Available for the iPhone

The Swedish based music streaming service, Spotify, have released the iPhone version of their premium subscription service. The app itself is free, however only works for subscribers of the £10 per month desktop service. Music can be downloaded to your phone and listened to even if you do not have an Internet connection. However as Apple do not permit non-Apple programs to run in the background, you have to keep the Spotify program running to continue... [Read More...]

QuickOffice 1.4 Supports Office 2007

The popular business oriented iPhone application QuickOffice has been updated to include compatibility with Office 2007 documents. Although the Microsoft .docx office format has been slow to be adopted, increasingly users are receiving files that can be difficult to open if you are running an older Office version. QuickOffice allows not only the viewing and editing of  2007 version Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, but also gives you the ability... [Read More...]

TomTom Released for iPhone

TomTom have released the long awaited iPhone application offering full turn-by-turn navigation. First demonstrated at the Apple expo WWDC, the app has been priced at £59.99 available from the iTunes App store. A car cradle offering boosted GPS signals, charging and an external speaker will also be available in the UK soon.  Read More →

iPhone 3.0 Arriving Today

Version 3.0 of the Apple iPhone operating system is due to be released today. Some of the new features included in this release are : Cut – Copy – Paste Horizontal keyboard layout Voice Memos Shake to Shuffle Spotlight Searching Multimedia messages Data Tethering Find my iPhone The update will available to download via iTunes later today.  Read More →

Track YouSendIt via iPhone

With file sizes increasing all the time, YouSendIt.com is becoming a popular way to send files too large to email. They have now introduced an iPhone application to allow registered users to list all files that have been sent via yousendit.com. Also included is the ability to view the number of downloads and who downloaded the files. Premium tracking services are available to premium members.  Read More →

Skype for iPhone Available

Leading voice-over-Internet company Skype have launched the application that many people believed would never make it on to the Apple handheld device – Skype for iPhone. As we have previously mentioned, Skype is a great way to stay in contact with friends and family as well as making cheap business calls. The new application works on both the 1st and 2nd generation iPhones and iPod Touch models. It allows free Skype to Skype calls on wifi and... [Read More...]

iPhone 2.0 goes live

After a frustrating week for existing iPhone owners, the 3G iPhone, complete with the version 2.0 software, has launched. Technical issues at O2 and Carphone Warehouse stores on launch day resulted in a reversal of the original plan for all iPhones to be activated in-store. Instead customers details where taken down by hand and customers were told to activate themselves at home. The Apple system coped with most activation requests, with only a handful... [Read More...]

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