iLife Media Browser problem with MacBook Pro 13′ machines

A problem appears to have arisen with the media browser at the core of the iLife suite for owners of the latest 13″ Apple MacBoook Pro laptop. The problem causes the infamous ‘spinning beach ball’ when using any application or system preference which interrogates the iLife media browser framework. A regular complaint appears to be the Desktop & Screen-Saver and Spotlight system preference panes not responding.

Users may receive error messages such as ‘Call to deprecated method ILiPhotoMediaManager::init. Please update your code to use ILiPhotoMediaManager::sharedManager:’ in the console.

Until the problem is addressed with an update from Apple, the following instructions will fix the problem (it is recommended that you have a complete backup of your system before completing the next steps) :

  • Locate the folder named ‘iLifeMediaBrowser.framework’ which can be found in the /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks directory
  • Move this folder to the Trash
  • Locate and insert the Applications Installation DVD disk that came with your MacBook
  • Use the shareware program Pacifist to browse the installation DVD
  • Highlight the iLifeMediaBrowser.framework and choose Install (you will be prompted for an administrator password)
  • Exit the Pacifist application and check if the problem is rectified using System Preferences
  • Run Software Update and install the latest iLife update
  • Restart your MacBook and check the System Preferences is responding correctly

In our tests, these steps restore the performance of the MacBook Pro 13″ to its correct state.
If you require any additional help with this problem please fell free to contact us.


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One Response to “iLife Media Browser problem with MacBook Pro 13′ machines”
  1. tmamer says:

    saved my ass!

    thanks, BTW you should post this fix on the apple website, as my problem was i accidentally(read: idiotically) trashed all my accounts permissions, then needed to archive and reinstall, which screwed up my media browser, but this fixed it. thanks a bunch. Also, i am working in leopard with ilife ’09

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