Google errors in email client

Is your email client (Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird etc) reporting that your Google password is incorrect even though you know it is correct? This problem troubles a lot of users of the Google Apps product (both the free and paid versions) and has an easy, albeit annoying, fix. [Read More…]  Read More →

iLife Media Browser problem with MacBook Pro 13′ machines

A problem appears to have arisen with the media browser at the core of the iLife suite for owners of the latest 13″ Apple MacBoook Pro laptop. [Read More…]  Read More →

Improve performance with CCleaner

CCleaner is a simple yet powerful application that breathes new life into your Windows system. Over time Windows gets cluttered with various files that are no longer required, such as temporary copies of web pages, cookies and temporary system files. Ideally these are removed by the system at regular intervals, however this is not always the case. CCleaner gives you a One-Click method of locating, deleting and refreshing your system. Our recommendation... [Read More...]

Conficker Infection Test

News stories continue to appear of the Conficker worm (previously known as Downadup) having infected as many as 15 million computers worldwide. Our advice to all PC users remains the same; ensure your machine is set to automatically download Windows Security Updates and ensure your anti-virus software is up to date. However many people have been wondering if they may already be infected with the Conficker worm  –  here is a simple test to... [Read More...]

Office 2007 with traditional toolbar

One of the most common complaints about the ‘Ribbon’ toolbar used by Microsoft’s Office 2007 suite is the lack of pull-down menus. Many users have long become accustomed to the traditional style of pull-down menus and have struggled to familiarise themselves with the new method. A free utility from Ubit software now allows you to keep the ribbon interface but with the added benefit of the traditional pull-down option available as... [Read More...]

Send larger files easily

Web based have launched the ideal desktop companion to your regular email program. Simply install their free program and right click to send large files. Enter the recipient’s email address and they will recieve a link from which they can download the file from you at any time convenient for them.  Read More →

Must-have programs for your new Mac

You have just un-boxed your shiny new Apple computer, connected it to the Internet and are now ready to download some useful programs. Here is a short list of free programs that we find indispensable on our Macs: With built-in iSight cameras on most Apple machines now, Skype offers an easy way to chat and see friends and family anywhere in the world. Free from computer to computer and with low priced calls available to land lines and mobiles,... [Read More...]

Convert PDF documents back to Word

An often requested feature is the ability to turn a PDF document back into editable text, in order to update, add or delete. Here is a simple solution from – go to and simply select your PDF and click convert to Word.  It is a free service that does not require an email address or registration. Simply download your Word document when the conversion is complete.  Read More →

Photoshop just got easy (and free)

Not sure how to fix red-eye? Don’t want to buy or learn how to use Photoshop? But you still want to upload clear pictures to the Internet – Well, Adobe have just announced a new service called Photoshop Express. Currently still under testing, you can register now and start using the service.  You will get a huge 2GB of storage from Adobe with your account, but point to note – the connection speeds are not at 100% yet to countries... [Read More...]

Pop Up Notification for Mail – The Missing Feature

Many Apple Mail users have long been envious of the ability of Outlook users on the PC to have a discreet pop-up message when they receive a new email. Well now the Mail Appitizer add-on is available for Leopard and does the job just as well, if not better.  Read More →